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How to Write an Application Essay

How to write a good application essay? This writing  is very important part of all the other documents you submit when you enter an educational  institution.

However, it has its own peculiarities.

The basic principle that a student should be guided by writing such essay  is to concentrate on his or her personality rather than on formal points or boring lists of school awards or competitions visited.

So let’s talk about it more detailed.

When choosing a theme, focus on your personality. Don’t  make your essay too formal. Tell about something outstanding . Share a story of your life and sound conclusions that you made after it. Approach this work creatively, not just formally.

Do not disregard several topics, but rather choose one . It will be much more useful. You can choose a lot of topics, but then your essay  will look like a resume in which you do not specify anything, constantly jumping from one to the other point.

Do not resort to excessive formality. Speak from yourself. Of course, you can add quotes from celebrities or template phrases about charity or anything else  in your essay, but there will be fewer benefits. The commission most likely will throw away such essay very quickly.

Ask parents or teachers to proofread your work. Of course, you can re-read and check your essay by yourself, but the side view will be more useful. Especially from those who are perhaps more attentive and experienced in writing such works.