How to achieve high speed and literacy while doing homework?

First of all, you need to remember a rule:  to hurry should slowly. Don’t rush, try to write, read, solve problems as soon as possible. With this approach, immediately the quality of work will drop dramatically, and additional time will pass for verification and correction. In order to really improve speed, but at the same time avoid shortcomings, you need to carefully allocate time, act purposefully and with concentration, without distraction.

Start by scheduling your home lessons. It is advisable that you spend some time studying each day. Take into consideration in your daily routine that it can take a little more time for lessons than you expected. Leave the stock from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Try to do all in time, but don’t forget that you still have the leeway.

Keep in strict order all your’s school supplies, textbooks and exercise books. Then you will always have everything at hand, you don’t need to search for lost objects for a long time or start new notebooks. Note that the situation itself will begin to create a working mood for you, when everything around is in its proper place.

Gradually create your own “knowledge base”. Don’t forget to keep your notes, notebooks, control and written works, synopses. All of this you will certainly come in handy.

Remember that the guarantee of good work is order in everything. Making a schedule, always follow it. Don’t forget to sit down for lessons in time, put an alarm clock.

Starting classes, take care of silence and calmness beforehand. You should not be distracted by anything. It is advisable to turn off the computer and phone.

Make your workplace comfortable. Consider all aspects that can distract you or help you focus: lighting of the workplace, the location of your desk relative to the chair, etc.

Think about the exact order in which to do the homework. You can start with a simpler one. If you quickly get tired, you should start with more complex tasks first, and keep them simple for the last period of work.