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The blind beggar George Dyball

Two blind beggars, hanging about Westminster.

Old blind beggar and attending small boy.

A tall blind man with a long staff.

A blind man who sits very still for many hours in the one position.

A blind man who sold halfpenny ballads.

Charles Wood, a blind man, with an organ and his French dancing dog.

Priscilla, a blind woman, inhabitant of St James, Clerkenwell.

Taylor, a blind shoe-maker.

William Kinlock. His stands are at Furnival’s Inn and Portugal Street.

A sturdy impostor who makes chains from a piece of ash.

Joseph Thake and his son. Natives of Watford in Hertfordshire.

Joseph Johnson, from the merchant’s service.

Charles McGee, a native of Ribon in Jamaica, standing at the Obelisk, at the foot of Ludgate Hill.

Samuel Horsey has been a London Beggar since 1785.

John Mac Nally, a beggar about Parliament Street.

A Jew Mendicant of Petticoat Lane.

William Tomlins, a street-crossing sweeper.

A street sweeper of the crossing at the top of Ludgate Hill.

A lad who sweeps the crossing of Prince’s street, Hanover Square.

Match boys selling their wares.

Daniel Cropp, his hair wild from being combed with his open fingers.

Mr Lilly, who lost his leg while working on building repairs in Westminster.

William Frasier, who lost both his hands in battle.

Two street itinerants on May Day.

Two bone pickers about the parish of St Martin’s

Bill Row and John Taylor, two grubbers.

William Friday, who starts from Croydon.

A bird-mimicker.

Beggars on their way back to the workhouse for the night.


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