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Georgian and Regency London:

Maps of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century


List of maps and views in chronological order:

St. Paul’s Cathedral. Pieter Schenk c. 1702. A colourised view of St Paul's from Westminster.
John Stow (John Strype, editor, and Richard Blome, engraver), maps and plans from the 1720 edition of The Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster.
A map of the Thames between the Tower and Blackwall, giving soundings at low tide, and showing stairs and windmills. Printed in the late 18th century, but showing the Thames as it was in 1750.
A map showing the new roads etc. from Westminster Bridge in May 1753, taken from the Gentleman's Magazine.
John Carey's beautiful Actual Survey of the Country Fifteen Miles Around London, 1786 (which now, of course, includes most of London). This incorporates 24 maps of all eighteenth-century London's satellite villages and many contemporary views.
Richard Horwood's 1792-1799 Plan of London and Westminster - quite simply, the most detailed map of Georgian and Regency London you will ever find. It shows every house (with numbers), every alley, every tavern, every work and alms house. Magnificent.
1801 John Fairburn's Plan of Westminster and London, 1801



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