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Maps and Views from the Medieval Period to the Seventeenth Century


13th c. St Giles in the Fields in the Thirteenth Century
1520s A detailed map of London during the reign of Henry VIII before the dissolution of the monasteries. (Showing London in the 1520s) This shows many of the outlying villages as well.
London in the 1640s. A drawing by P Huart. An extremely rare view of the city engraved in the seventeenth century.
R. Newcourt's "An Exact Delineation of the Cities of London and Westminster and the Surburbs and all the throughfares, highways, streets, lanes and common allies"; drawn in 1658 - London as it was in medieval times. A beautiful and highly detailed map.
Matthew Merian's extraordinary View of the Great Fire of London in 1666. This dates from 1670 and shows a very detailed image of medieval Southwark.
Another Merian view of London, c. 1690, this time the unusual perspective of looking west as the Prince of Orange enters the City from East Smithfield.
1690 Coming in 2006: Johannes Kip's spectacular engraving of London, late 17th century.



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