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The Thames Tunnel


A view of Blackfriar's Bridge with St Paul’s in the background

Bow Bridge, Stratford le Bow

London Bridge:

Old London Bridge - and another view with its ancient houses

New London Bridge

The Lord Mayor's Procession under the new London Bridge

– this is a nice one.

Southwark Bridge: the new iron bridge over the Thames from Queen Street, and another view

Staines Bridge

The Strand bridge

Waterloo Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Also see Buckingham Water Gate, Strand and The Fleet River


St Katharine Docks, Tower.

Entrance to London docks in the newly excavated areas of St John’s Wapping (between about 1795-1815).

London Docks, Wapping

Plan of the Docks at London in 1808

West India Docks, Poplar

Entrance to the Regent's Canal, Limehouse

The Limehouse Dock, Regent's Canal




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