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Brewers' Hall, Addle Street

Mercer’s Hall, Cheapside Frontage, as it was rebuilt after the Great Fire

Haberdashers’ Hall, Maiden Lane, Wood Street.

Grocers’ Hall, Poultry Street

The Fishmongers’ Hall, Thames Street

The Goldsmiths’ Hall, Foster Lane

The Salters’ Hall, Oxford Court, St Swithin’s Lane

Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill

Coopers' Hall, Basinghall Street, nearly opposite to Sambrook court.

Apothecaries' Hall on the east side of Water Lane, Pilgrim Street.

Merchant Taylors’ Hall, Threadneedle Street

Merchant Taylors’ School, east side Suffolk Lane, Thames Street.

Painter-Stainer's Hall on the west side of Little Trinity Lane.

Waterman's Hall, St Mary's Hill.

Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Street, near the junction with Broad Street

Ironmongers’ Hall, north side of Fenchurch Street

Vintner’s Hall, Upper Thames Street

Clothworkers’ Hall, Mincing Lane, Fenchurch Street

Inn-Holders' Hall, Great Elbow Lane.

Girdlers' Hall, on the east side of Basinghall Street

Dyers' Hall, little Elbow Lane

Carpenter's Hall, London Wall.

Saddler's Hall, Cheapside.

Stationers' Hall, Stationer's Court.

Barber-Surgeon's Hall, Monkwell Street.

Cordwainers' Hall, north side of Distaff Lane.

The Lord Mayor's Procession under the new London Bridge


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