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london's hospitals and asylums

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The word 'hospital' in pre-modern London had a far wider meaning than it does today. It could relate to an asylum (or place of refuge) for the very young or the old, to a place of healing, or a place "for the reception of lunatics". In this broad sense, then, a hospital might just as easily be a place of retirement for the old, or a place of boarding and schooling for underprivileged children. In the early to mid-nineteenth century London had thirty-eight hospitals of a 'medical and surgical character', twenty-one medical institutions, thirty-five dispensaries, and many more hospitals which provided refuge for the old or young.


St Bartholomew's Hospital West Smithfield

Bethlehem Hospital see also Figures in front of Bethlehem Hospital

Chelsea Royal Hospital (see also another view of Chelsea Hospital).

Christ’s Hospital (see also another view)

City of London Lying-in Hospital

Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum

The Foundling Hospital

Guy's Hospital, Southwark, behind St Thomas' Hospital on St Thomas' Street

Greenwich Hospital

Leper and/or Venereal Disease Hospitals:

The hospital for male lepers at Great Ilford

Chapel Royal of St James' Palace, formerly belonging to a House of Female Lepers founded by the citizens of London.

Lock Hospital for Lepers, Kent Street, Southwark

Lock Hospital, Kingsland (partly in the parish of Hackney and partly in Islington)

Interior of a chapel belonging to a former leper hospital in Knightsbridge, London

The Lock Hospital on Hyde Park Corner was part of Christ's Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital

Middlesex Hospital, Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road

St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark

Royal College of Physicians

The Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea (and see also Military Asylum, Chelsea) This was more a school than an asylum or hospital.

The surgeon’s new theatre Lincoln’s Inn Field



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