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The four Inns of Court - Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn - are traditionally the bastions of the legal establishment in England which control admission to the Bar. Now they are run like more like clubs. The Inns of Chancery were related to the Inns of Court, involved in the education of legal students, but they were lesser establishments than the Inns of Court as they had no right to call students to the Bar.


Inns of Court and of Chancery (an overview)

Clifford Inn Hall, Fleet Street

Gray's Inn Hall, Chapel and Library.

Prospect of Gray's Inn

Plan of the Temple Area

Inner Temple

Middle Temple Hall.

Lincoln's Inn Hall, Chapel, and Chancery Court.

Prospect of Lincoln's Inn

Serjeant's Inn, Chancery Lane

Staples' Inn on the south side of Holborn


Places associated with the law:

The Old Bailey.

Prerogative Will Office, Doctor's Commons

Sessions House, west side of Clerkenwell Green.

See also the Prisons page and the Interior of the Temple Church







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