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July 2009: A long gap, sorry about that. The site owner has spent the past 2 years battling extreme ill health - the web site has been put on a very, very back burner. Hopefully as health improves we can start ocne again to add maps to this site. Thanks for your patience!

July 26th 2006: The Marylebone Division of the Stanford Schoolboard map (including Hampstead, Paddington, Marylebone, St John's Wood etc) will be coming shortly. Apologies for the delay.

July 7th 2006: The City Division of the Stanford Schoolboard map is now available.

June 30th 2006: Bowles's One-Sheet Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster (1806) has just gone up.

June 28th 2006: a new aquisition has just gone up: The London Directory, or a New & Improved Plan of London, Westminster, & Southwark; with the Adjacent Country, the New Buildings, the New Roads, and the alterations by the Opening of New Streets, & Widening, of Others. Printed for R Wilkinson, at No 58 in Cornhill, London, 1811

June 27th 2006: Continuing with the Stanford map segments, working our way through the smaller segments before we tackle the two massive south London maps ... East London has now gone up.

June 21st 2006: The Stanford map continues to go up in segments. Much of north London and west London, as well Southwark are now available.

June 10th 2006: A map of the Thames between the Tower and Blackwall, giving soundings at low tide, and showing stairs and windmills. Dating from the late 18th century.

June 7th 2006: the Stanford map is now going up, slowly, in segments.

June 6th 2006: the next map to go up will be Edward Stanford's School-Board Map of London, 6 inches to the mile, c. 1875. This is a massive map, and will go up in sections.

June 4th 2006: new - one of our many panoramas: the 1845 Grand Panorama of London (Charles Evans)

May 31st 2006: We have added a search function to most of the main pages - a great feature to find what you wish quickly and easily. Even we've found things we forgot were on here ...

May 28th 2006: enough new articles have been added that the Very Big List of Articles now extends to a page three. Don't forget that you can also access these articles via the categories page if you don't feel up to the Very Big List.

We're starting to put up some articles on the leper hospitals of old London. We had no idea that Henry VIII built his palace of St James on the site of the grave of fourteen leprous Saxon virgins. The things you discover ...

May 26th 2006: we are starting to add mroe articles and viewws of London. You will find any new articles at the end of page 2 of the Big List. They will also be listed in their various categories. At the moment, these are mostly articles and views on London's old churches.

May 24th 2006: we have just added a new page on useful map site links - if you would like your site added then please email us via the link on that page.

April 27th 2006: 500 articles, views etc now up and live. We'll be taking a break for a few weeks while we're completing another project, but once that is done we'll be back here full time with many more maps and images.

April 23rd 2006: By the end of the coming week we will have added the articles, views etc on historic London - 500 pages of information and images which will complement the maps.

April 12th 2006: Just added: R. Newcourt's "An Exact Delineation of the Cities of London and Westminster and the Surburbs and all the throughfares, highways, streets, lanes and common allies"; drawn in 1658 - London as it was in medieval times.

April 9th 2006: A detailed map of London during the reign of Henry VIII before the dissolution of the monasteries is now live!

Next will be R. Newcourt's map of Ancient London drawn in 1658. This is a large map showing medieval London.

April 7th 2006: Coming by April 14th 2006 - a detailed map of London during the reign of Henry VIII - early 16th century. This is a lovely and very large map, and it contains all the outlying villages as well as central London. We were hunting through drawers and we suddenly found it. Forgotten we'd had it. Were so delighted we thought we'd put it up next.

April 6th 2006: We were overly fatalistic. The Greenwood is now live.

April 4th 2006: perhaps we'll unveil the Greenwood map on Monday April 10th. It is coming along well, but, oh, all those links ... It may well be up by the end of this week, but Monday of next week at the outside.

After this we may need a bit of a break from the large maps (and their links!), so we have some lovely maps of the parishes of London from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century that we can put up.

March 31st 2006: Also coming within the next two to three weeks are over 500 articles on Georgian London, mostly from contemporary sources and mostly incorporating views. Where could we suddenly whip up 500 articles, you ask? Well ... the bones of this site comes from a project we started two years ago when we thought we'd build a site based entirely on the Horwood Plan and link the articles to Horwood - so we wrote the 500 articles and scanned the views etc and just never got around to linking them in to the Horwood Plan. We still intend to do this, but thought we'd also give you the chance of browsing the articles alphabetically (thus saving you the hassle of going through Horwood and clicking frantically to find just the thing you're after). They're already loaded to this site, we just have to do the alphabetical listing and link them through. Some of them are already available via the Cary maps.

The Greenwood 1828 map (just gorgeous!) is fully scanned - all we have to do is create the pages and make everything look nice. Hopefully by the end of next week ...

March 30th 2006: We've put up a few more Stow maps ... but have hit a snag. We have all of the parish and ward plans ... but we have only a relatively few that are loose and can thus easily be scanned (we have these as duplicates). The complete collection is bound into the 1720 twin volumes of Stow. These books are huge and tightly bound, which means they can't be scanned. We've tried photographing them, but with little success (the quality is poor). So ... do we bite the bullet and cut them out for scanning? We're still out on this one.

In the meantime we're scanning the Greenwood and it should be up by the end of next week barring complete system failures.

March 27th 2006: Well, refreshed but still aghast at how many pages of Horwood we had to link up, we're back and putting up more Stow plans of wards and parishes from 1720. We'll continue this for a week then move onto the Greenwood of 1828.

March 19th 2006: The Horwood 1792-1799 Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster is finally available! We're taking a break for a few days, so start to expect more maps from the 27th March.


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